How Bug Tracking Works

How's bug tracking software may be used within your company

How Bug Tracking Works

Although very little credit is given to Windows Error Reporting (WER) technology when it comes to perfecting Windows XP. The truth is that bug tracking software has made it possible for software companies all over the world to create better software and improve the quality of their software. To better understand how bug tracking software is helping improve the quality of software, the first step is to understand how bug tracking software functions.

A bug tracking software essentially gathers inputs from various testers and maintains a database of all reported bugs and errors on a central server. For example, software can have an inbuilt mechanism that automatically reports all bugs and errors to the bug tracking software online (like WER) or it can allow testers to report all bugs and errors manually. Irrespective of the mode of error reporting, the bug tracking software receives all bugs and then categorizes them based on the software company's criteria. Depending on the severity of the error, each bug is prioritized and further action is based on the priority of the bug.

The above mentioned scenario is a simplified version of how bug tracking software works. However, it is clear that the bug tracking software is acting as a buffer between the software, the software users and the developers. Without bug tracking software there will hardly be any effective communication between the software developers and the testers. It is important to remember that every time a bug is reported, the bug tracking software first checks to see if the bug has already been reported. If a similar bug has been reported it marks the bug as low priority or in some cases may simply ignore it.

Apart from ensuring smooth communication between developers and testers, a bug tracking software also allows software companies to prioritize their tasks. Large software usually has more than one bug and it is vital that software companies work on critical software errors first and fix the minor bugs later. In fact, most companies customize bug tracking software to allow them to prioritize their error correction.

Bug tracking software also allows software companies to manage their manpower better. When a new bug is reported, the bug tracking software automatically registers the name of the software developer/team that is working on fixing the bug. A software company can thus manage the company's resources better and offer solutions much faster.

In essence, bug tracking software allows a software company to manage bugs effectively by ensuring that even the smallest bug is reported and worked on, and this ensures that the software is of the highest quality and truly bug free. In addition, bug tracking software also allows software companies to better manage their resources allowing the company to concentrate on providing bug free software. Today, a bug tracking software is critical to the success of any successful software company and is essential for improving the quality of any software.

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